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Anger has far reaching consequences which we never think of when overpowered by it. Anger can ruin relationships and your health. Hypnotherapy for anger helps you take control of your emotions and rein in the rage.

Take back control by using hypnotherapy for anger

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How many times did you get angry today? Did you honk in pointless fury at the traffic making you late for work? Did you throw a fit because your kids didn’t pick up their socks again? Were you upset because your partner was late for dinner? Hypnotherapy for anger helps you manage anger and reduces its toxic effect on your life.

Have you wondered what you could be doing to your poor heart while you fume and fret and your blood pressure soars? Have you wondered what the constant anger and irritability could do to your relationships with people you love? From Dr Jekyll to Mr or Mrs Hyde is a short leap once you have the habit of seeing red over things both big and small. When little things seem to irk you beyond belief, you feel like the world is conspiring against you and life seems exasperating, the only way to get through to people is to shout and scream. Or is it?

Maybe it’s time you took control and turned to hypnotherapy for anger management to help you see colours other than red.

hypnotherapy for anger


Raised self-esteem and serenity. Lowered impulsivity and anger

In a research study on self-hypnosis for relapse prevention training with chronic drug/alcohol users. Participants were 261 veterans admitted to Substance Abuse Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs (SARRTPs). individuals who used repeated self-hypnosis “at least 3 to 5 times a week,” at 7-week follow-up, reported the highest levels of self-esteem and serenity, and the least anger/impulsivity, in comparison to the minimal-practice and control groups.

American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy (a publication of the American Psychological Association) 2004 Apr;46(4):281-97)

Rage is bad for your health

Heart attacks, high blood pressure, prematurely ageing skin and digestive problems are often connected to anger seething within. When you go through a bout of anger, your voice is raised, the nerves in your body tense, the heart beats faster but it doesn’t pump efficiently, which could lead to damage of the arteries or risk of a stroke.

Then there’re the consequences for your partner, your children’s emotional well-being, your progress up the career ladder and your chance to forge lasting friendships. Stop and think. Is this really worth it? Chances are, your answer will be negative. If it is, then let me tell you how hypnotherapy for anger management could help.

Learn to stop and think

When anger flares, like fear or anxiety, it creates a physical response described as ‘fight or flight’ which accelerates bodily functions in preparation to defend or attack a predator. The brain and body are flooded with chemicals which divert attention away from logic and reason and towards a primeval need to protect and survive. This is often inappropriate for the circumstances of modern life and can trigger sometimes violent reactions which can lead to a lifetime of regret.

When channelled in a positive way, anger can be a powerful tool for change as. Like many emotions, it’s a warning that something isn’t right and needs attention. Hypnotherapy for anger douses the neurological flames of fury and calms the physiological response so the injured or aggrieved can calmly resolve conflict in a resourceful and reasonable way.

As small children, when we express anger by throwing tantrums, these are regarded as bad behaviour and are often rewarded with a good telling off. So we learn to pack away anger and rarely learn to resolve it in an effective way. That’s why many adults bottle up anger until the pressure builds up to an explosive degree. Reconnecting with negative emotions like anger helps to more effectively resolve conflict and injustices. Hypnotherapy for anger facilitates unconscious change to make this possible.

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