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You walk into a crowded room and, suddenly, all eyes are on you and all you want to do is run away. A good-looking stranger glances your way and you feel the heat of a bright red blush. The work presentation in a crowded boardroom is looming and your mouth dries and your brain freezes at just the thought of it. The room falls silent for the wedding speeches and your well-rehearsed words are like dust in your mouth.

build confidence

Being calm, confident and in control can be life-changing when it helps you find a date, win a promotion or overcome limiting beliefs.

Those heart-stopping moments when confidence deserts you can be transformed into positive, empowering experiences with a bit of hypnotic reprogramming that helps you to build confidence. Karen can teach you how to approach professional and social challenges with positive anticipation.

Build your confidence

When you build confidence you can be more relaxed, self-confident and also in charge and this could be life-changing if it allows you to get a date, advance at work or overcome old restrictive beliefs. When you build confidence in yourself these are just some of the benefits you receive.

You can feel a deep sense of inner satisfaction as you learn to feel comfortable as you really are. Having hypnotherapy for confidence helps you to face all situations – even the most difficult and confrontational – with confidence and poise.

Social skills

I saw a 26-year-old man recently, who works in IT, for social anxiety. Like many I’ve come across over the years, he chose his career so he could spend his day in solitude with machines instead of struggling to join in the banter. But sometimes he has to pick the phone up. Sometimes he gets bored with spending all his free time gaming. Sometimes he needs a friend.

A successful businesswoman in her forties who speaks three languages fluently but blushes and stutters came to me about dealing with the extreme stress of managing her career whilst struggling to communicate.

Both are intelligent and high functioning. They benefited from strategies which enable them to mentally rehearse becoming more confident and more able to express themselves freely. Instead of being tense, nervous loners, they found their voices using a variety of techniques.

Life can be lonely and difficult as it is. And sometimes there are deeper root causes which need ongoing therapy but taking a bit of control over your anxiety symptoms reduces the fear which keeps you isolated and gives you the opportunity to see yourself in a more positive light.

Public speaking

Fear of public speaking is one of the most common forms of social anxiety and can cause crippling nerves in the most confident people. Often, it’s not just the bride who is blushing on her wedding day. Terror-struck guests are prone to blush when delivering speeches to a reception full of people.

Around 80 per cent of the population has a fear of public speaking. This is a problem I’ve helped many deal with over the years. They range from high-powered executives who quake at the prospect of boardroom presentations to those who rarely have to speak in public and find the prospect so daunting they avoid it at all costs. Once the nerves have been overcome, it is possible to actually enjoy these occasions and lap up the applause afterwards.

Hypnotherapy helps you to:

  • feel more comfortable in social situations
  • handle confrontations more easily
  • experience a sense of inner comfort and relaxation
  • handle criticism more positively
  • assert yourself naturally
  • no longer rely on approval from others
  • reduce your need for perfection
  • feel more connected to others
  • express yourself more naturally and with less fear
  • have the strength to be able to do the “right” thing

You can enhance all these life skills and more by building your core inner confidence with hypnotherapy.

Build Confidence and Overcome Weaknesses

A healthy sense of security and self belief gives us the courage to grasp opportunities and the strength and tenacity to fulfil our potential. Hypnotherapy can help you nurture and optimise a true inner confidence by enabling you to:

  • release inner tension
  • experience true comfort and safety
  • build ego strength
  • enhance your self-esteem
  • increase your self-confidence

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