Confidence on Valentine’s Day

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Many people lack confidence when dating.  If you are looking forward to that special Valentine’s Day date with trepidation and would like more confidence on the day and in the future, hypnotherapy could be the answer.

Do you lack the confidence to date?

Has a previous romantic relationship left you feeling vulnerable or insecure?

Have you just divorced or split from a long term partner and feel anxious and daunted by the prospect of dating online or with apps?


A lack of self-confidence will almost certainly sabotage any efforts to seek a healthy relationship.

When self-confidence is low, it’s easy to miss the signs that someone might be attracted to you or to be mortified and embarrassed if you do notice their attention.   And then, there are a million excuses for avoiding that attention which, typically, reinforce the belief that you’re just not good enough to be loved and drive the potential lover away.

Hypnotherapy is particularly good at helping shift deep-rooted negative beliefs that fuel a lack of self esteem and stop you feeling good about yourself.  It enables you to become more open to being loved and respected by someone who you can trust to care about you as much as you care about them.

The baggage of previous relationships which, by definition, didn’t work out can be safely dealt with in hypnosis so it no longer undermines your ability to forge new and better relationships.  The old cliche that you’ve got to love yourself to be loved is true.

Critical subconscious beliefs don’t budge by just telling them to go away and you can’t just consciously decide to love yourself more.  But hypnotherapy can help deconstruct those negative beliefs so you can start to accept yourself as you are and seek out the best possible partner for you.

Hypnotherapist Karen Martin said: “We all have a tendency to look for proof of our subconscious beliefs in the relationships we form.  So there’s an urge to repeat old patterns which support those beliefs, meaning we make the same mistakes over and over.   We can then become to cautious or afraid of what the next relationship might bring so avoid having one altogether.

“I have a toolbox of techniques and strategies to help people change these patterns and have helped many people over the years to enjoy happier, healthier and more loving relationships with both themselves and their partner.

“This is a time of the year when the lonely and disillusioned will be beating a path to my door for solutions to their pain.  Given that a good, strong, intimate life partnership is fundamental to human wellbeing, their lives improve once they’ve tackled those internal demons and opened up to the opportunities for love that are out there for us all.”