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7 Simple Ways of Restoring Harmony and Balance in Relationships

By Hypnotherapy Kent

Relationships work when you’re singing to the same tune and dancing in step with each other.

This is going to Hurt (a bit)

As far as our primitive survival instinct is concerned, any pain is bad or dangerous.  It doesn’t compute that medical science has given us the means to live longer and be healthier and that some of the ways it does that will hurt.  It is this neurology that also objects to the drawing of blood, which can be a very specific form of needle phobia based on the fundamental fear that, if we’re bleeding, we might die.

Confidence on Valentine’s Day

Hypnotherapy for Confidence Many people lack confidence when dating.  If you are looking forward to that special Valentine’s Day date with trepidation and would like …

Creating a Less Stressed Life

It’s easy to dismiss commonly expressed laments about being over-stressed but most of us are aware that we would be happier with a less stressed life. We all buckle under the strains and difficulties of daily life from time to time. Our world is a busy one.

Our Top Five Fears

Everyone is afraid of something. It doesn’t matter where you live, the year you were born, your skin colour or creed, our top five fears are a natural component of the human experience. They part of our primeval, genetically determined survival instinct. Without them, our chance of recognising danger and avoiding it or defending ourselves would be considerably reduced. The whole point of those top five fears is to keep us safe.