If you want to dive a bit deeper into some of the issues which can be treated with hypnotherapy, have a look through Karen’s blog articles.  Topical and informative, these articles are packed with tips and strategies for dealing with the typical problems she sees daily in her busy practice.  

Anxious child and mum

Parenting anxious children

By Karen Martin

Parents aren’t to blame for their anxious children.  They will have packed away their own difficult emotions and won’t always recognise that feelings have a …

Lifestyle Changes with Hypnotherapy

It’s possible to change your life whatever time of year it is with the help of Tunbridge Wells hypnotherapist Karen Martin who can help guide you towards making lasting improvements in your quality of life.

Anxiety Rings, Bangles and Bows

To fidget or not to fidget The line between fidgeting and hyperactivity or stress relieving habits and anxiety disorders is blurred.  Nibbling on a hangnail …

Tame your Temper

The Dangers What damage could you be doing to your health while you fume and fret?  Heart attacks, high blood pressure, prematurely ageing skin and …