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quit smoking

Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking

By Karen Martin

Were you to give up cigarettes today, in only 14 days from now your circulation and lung function should have improved; in five years’ time …

Lifestyle Changes with Hypnotherapy

It’s possible to change your life whatever time of year it is with the help of Tunbridge Wells hypnotherapist Karen Martin who can help guide you towards making lasting improvements in your quality of life.

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

For countless smokers, giving up can prove one of the most challenging endeavours they have ever undertaken. A lot of people manage to break the habit using sheer motivation yet, for numerous others, this strategy will not be enough.

Tunbridge Wells practitioner Karen Martin said: “Long before I became a hypnotherapist, I tried every method out there to quit smoking heavily. From cold turkey to NHS recommended Nicotine Replacement Therapy patches and gum, nothing worked for me except hypnotherapy. It’s one of the reasons why I now run a busy hypnotherapy practice and will never smoke again.”