Stop Smoking Cigarettes with Hypnotherapy

stop smokingbThere is much more pressure on smokers to stop smoking from the medical community and the public. With various projects running across the nation and encouragement to seek smoking cessation advice, it is now quite tough to avoid pressure to stop smoking cigarettes.

Warnings about the risks of cigarette smoking surround us and the related risks are well known. A hypnotic approach however, is a different form of treatment that can radically transform your life so you can finally liberate yourself from the habit of smoking and boost your health. This life transforming event can be accomplished in as little as one two hour session with a knowledgeable hypnotherapist, and proves to be a great deal more effective way of stopping smoking than any of the more conventional treatment options.

Hypnosis helps you stop smoking cigarettes by reprogramming the subconscious mind into believing you are a non-smoker and curbing the desires to light up. During the one-off consultation, Tunbridge Wells based hypnotherapist Karen Martin tackles the drivers lurking behind your smoking behaviour that previously sabotaged any attempts to stop.

Through this analysis of your smoking patterns, she can devise an approach unique to you that maximises your ability to stop smoking cigarettes.

The largest ever scientific comparison of ways to stop smoking, published by New Scientist, hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking.

It is obviously crucial that you are motivated to stop smoking cigarettes and have the willpower to be successful. Without motivation, all forms of treatment have little chance of success. You should be aware at this point of the potentially hazardous effects of smoking tobacco and be deterred by pictures or ideas of what life may be like in the future, if you continue to smoke.

Karen said: “I can help the subconscious to accept and believe that you have become a non smoker permanently. When you stop smoking tobacco the advantages become obvious quite quickly, in fact you might start to notice changes in just a few days. Your health will significantly improve, with an increase of fitness levels, and you won’t really feel as breathless as you might have done in the past. Your lungs will benefit enormously as they will start to expel hazardous substances taken into the body through smoking. Your adrenaline, blood pressure levels and heart rate should comfortably return to ideal levels. And, of course, you will not just be helping yourself, but those around you.”

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