If you want to dive a bit deeper into some of the issues which can be treated with hypnotherapy, have a look through Karen’s blog articles.  Topical and informative, these articles are packed with tips and strategies for dealing with the typical problems she sees daily in her busy practice.  

Overcome Interview Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

By Karen Martin

The fear of interviews prevents many hopefuls from performing well at job interviews and some will avoid them completely, losing the chance to go for that dream job. There are many hypnotherapeutic strategies that help beat interview anxiety, providing life-changing opportunities for career advancement and job satisfaction.

Control Childhood Phobias Before They Control your Child

If a childhood phobia is left untreated, it can soon become an uncomfortable habit that causes feelings of terror and panic whenever exposed to the stimuli. It can then have an effect on a child’s well-being and social development and restrict many of aspects of their life. Many phobias are rooted in childhood and can range from the surprisingly common fears of the seemingly harmless, like buttons, balloons and clowns or the more serious fear of going to school.

Dealing with PTSD effectively

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is caused in many ways, for example, by seeing a horrific accident, being attacked or going through a natural disaster. Though we tend to think of PTSD as being a problem for the armed services, it can easily affect civilians too. Left untreated, the symptoms of PTSD can have a long lasting effect on daily life.

Finding Ways to Tackle Adolescent Problems

As if handling the hormonal and bodily changes wasn’t enough to tackle, teenagers typically encounter pressure to succeed at school as well as the social uncertainties which come with the transition to adulthood. As a result, many youngsters find this one of the most arduous periods of their life. Left un-checked, the weight of these countless pressures can frequently leave a mark by damaging the teen’s confidence and self-esteem, and leading to a feeling of “not being good enough”.

Dealing with gambling

Gambling is usually a difficult habit to kick but hypnotherapy stands head and shoulders above the other therapies because it efficiently deals with the root causes supporting the addiction. What’s more, it equips the sufferer with the tools to navigate life’s problems more effectively, enabling them to feel more in control and less likely to resort to destructive gambling behaviour.