Overcome Interview Anxiety with Hypnotherapy


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Using Hypnosis to Beat Interview Anxiety

The fear of interviews prevents many hopefuls from performing well at job interviews and some will avoid them completely, losing the chance to go for that dream job. There are many hypnotherapeutic strategies that help beat interview anxiety, providing life-changing opportunities for career advancement and job satisfaction.

It’s not unusual to feel anxious about being under close scrutiny in interview circumstances. Who wouldn’t be scared at the prospect of facing interviewers who will judge every word and every achievement? However, if that feeling of nerves turns into real anxiety, then the likelihood of performing well diminishes significantly.

These are some of the typical symptoms which can undermine interviewees:

  • a racing heart
  • feeling nauseous
  • becoming tongue tied
  • a feeling of dread that makes you want to run away
  • mind going completely blank when asked the simplest of questions which you’d normally know the answer to
  • having sweaty palms which make the handshake clammy
  • blushing on eye contact

 Why do many people feel this way?

There may be a number of reasons why people suffer from interview anxiety. Previous redundancies can sap confidence, as can an over-demanding boss or, simply, a job you can’t stand.  There is no room for lack of self belief when job-hunting.  If you don’t think you can do the job, how can you possibly persuade anyone else that you can?

Interview anxiety obviously effects the likelihood of success and can stop the search for the ideal job in its tracks. It robs the sufferer of their ability to communicate in the articulate and well-informed way required to give a good impression. This will inevitably undermine the most able of candidates.

Hypnotherapy provides a number of different tools and strategies to overcome interview anxiety, enabling candidates to confidently demonstrate their best and highest capabilities.

Karen Martin Hypnotherapy

Tunbridge Wells hypnotherapist Karen Martin has helped many job hunters to successfully interview and secure the offers they deserve. She said: ‘I enable candidates to present their best qualities to interviewers using a simple hypnotic technique of putting themselves ‘in the zone’ so they can spontaneously demonstrate their skill and experience.

‘This involves a process of positive mental rehearsal which ‘re-programmes’ limiting beliefs and minimises the self-c0nscioousness which creates hesitancy and awkward body language.

‘for many years, I have coached senior executives and public figures in these skills so they can deal with, for example, high pressured media interviews.  These techniques are transferable into the job market and are also useful to fine tune interpersonal skills to manage conflict in the workplace and negotiating for new business.

‘Combining experience gained during a challenging career with blue chip companies with expertise gained during many years as a practising hypnotherapist, I have a proven track record in supporting professionals as they navigate the competitive minefield of career development at all levels.

‘This means I am ideally placed to offer specialist support for any jobseeker aiming to maximise their potential and optimise their income whatever their skill-set, goal or degree of aspiration.