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anxiety rings

Anxiety Rings, Bangles and Bows

By Karen Martin

To fidget or not to fidget The line between fidgeting and hyperactivity or stress relieving habits and anxiety disorders is blurred.  Nibbling on a hangnail …

Overcome Interview Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

The fear of interviews prevents many hopefuls from performing well at job interviews and some will avoid them completely, losing the chance to go for that dream job. There are many hypnotherapeutic strategies that help beat interview anxiety, providing life-changing opportunities for career advancement and job satisfaction.

Tackle Wedding Speech Nerves with Hypnotherapy

It’s not just the bride who suffers from pre-wedding nerves. All she’s got to do is turn up on the day looking ravishing whereas the groom, best man and father of the bride have to stand up in front of a sea of faces and deliver flawless, witty and memorable speeches and this can generate significant wedding speech nerves.