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Rise of the Entrepreneur

By Karen Martin

Successful entrepreneurs understand themselves well enough to know their strengths, surround themselves with good people with complementary skills, do enough research to take calculated risks and are determined, tenacious and resilient.  It also helps if they have a passion for their product or service.

Back to work

Now the wheels of commerce and industry have started turning again, there will be many offices, factories, shops, restaurants and bars where the doors will …

Don’t be CAD

We are all swept along on this tide of uncertainty and have the choice of sinking, paddling a new course or drifting..  This is a good time to set sail for calmer water and take on board new ideas and opportunities created in this strange time. 

The Last Furlough

It is only now as measures taken to protect people financially during lockdowns are being lifted that the true personal cost of the pandemic will become clear.  Adjusting to the consequences is going to test the mental health of the nation.

Are we nearly there?

Any crisis accelerates change.  Economically, socially and technologically, there will be global developments in infrastructure.  This will potentially lead to better ways to work, live and benefit from scientific progress post pandemic.