If you want to dive a bit deeper into some of the issues which can be treated with hypnotherapy, have a look through Karen’s blog articles.  Topical and informative, these articles are packed with tips and strategies for dealing with the typical problems she sees daily in her busy practice.  

Lifestyle Changes with Hypnotherapy

By Karen Martin

It’s possible to change your life whatever time of year it is with the help of Tunbridge Wells hypnotherapist Karen Martin who can help guide you towards making lasting improvements in your quality of life.

Piling on the Pounds During Lockdown

Hypnotherapy creates subconscious changes in motivation, improving impulse control and focusing on the delayed gratification of achieving a healthy, lean fit body whilst sorting out the mindless tendency we all have to be sabotaged by our emotions.

Festive Family Fortunes

The cliches ‘home is where your heart is’, ‘you can’t choose your family’ and ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ are never more true than at Christmas and show how mixed blessings can be at this time of year. 

Don’t be CAD

We are all swept along on this tide of uncertainty and have the choice of sinking, paddling a new course or drifting..  This is a good time to set sail for calmer water and take on board new ideas and opportunities created in this strange time. 

The Last Furlough

It is only now as measures taken to protect people financially during lockdowns are being lifted that the true personal cost of the pandemic will become clear.  Adjusting to the consequences is going to test the mental health of the nation.

What’s Your Poison? Are you drinking too much?

Whilst it’s true that most of us are a long way off needing to take the 12 steps programme, a goodly proportion of the adult population of this country unwind at the end of the day with a glass of something and end up drinking too much alcohol.