If you want to dive a bit deeper into some of the issues which can be treated with hypnotherapy, have a look through Karen’s blog articles.  Topical and informative, these articles are packed with tips and strategies for dealing with the typical problems she sees daily in her busy practice.  

Anxious child and mum

Parenting anxious children

By Karen Martin

Parents aren’t to blame for their anxious children.  They will have packed away their own difficult emotions and won’t always recognise that feelings have a …

The S Word

In the long dark hours of a Spring night, a 17 year old boy takes his own life in a Tunbridge Wells park and the …

Banish Back to School Blues

Tunbridge Wells based hypnotherapist Karen Martin spends a great deal of her working day helping children, teens and adolescents. So, she’s busy at this time …

Exam Results

There is a world of opportunity for those who are brave enough to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.