Finding Ways to Tackle Adolescent Problems


Hypnotherapy for Teenagers

As if handling the hormonal and bodily changes wasn’t enough to tackle, adolsescent problems typically include pressure to succeed at school as well as the social uncertainties which come with the transition to adulthood. As a result, many youngsters find this one of the most arduous periods of their life. Left un-checked, the weight of these countless pressures can frequently leave a mark by damaging the teen’s confidence and self-esteem, and leading to a feeling of “not being good enough”.

Teenagers display their frustration, anger, stress and panic and stress in a variety of ways exactly like adults do. Telltale indications of stress and anxiety might include being easily annoyed, lapse of memory, difficulties at school and changes in sleep patterns, though usually these can be overlooked and simply passed off as ‘teenage angst’. Physical symptoms can include exhaustion, upset stomach, migraines and other physical problems like, for example, alopecia.

If teenagers begin to experience difficulties at school, their marks are likely to fall as they struggle with understanding subjects or feel shy or anxious in school environments. Increased anxiety can also develop into more serious problems, like fears or phobias and particularly social phobia, which causes difficulty with socialising or venturing out in general.

Because adolescent problems will often be just thought of as part of ‘growing up’ they are not considered serious when, in actual fact, the sufferer is tackling difficult problems that are distinctive to their age. They may be living with bullies, exam freeze, revision problems and, of course, performance anxiety and the pressure can come from teachers, parents, siblings and other students.

There’s really no magic pill for these types of teenage problems.  They have to be dealt with on many different fronts. The external components need to be attended to as well as the internal mental aspects and, of course, there must be support and encouragement from family and friends. Increasingly, a lot more parents are turning to hypnotherapy to help their adolescent children deal with the ideas, attitudes and beliefs which underpin the inner stress.

Hypnosis works by changing the feelings and ideas associated embedded within the subconscious. It starts by establishing any issues that might have caused these more severe problems to develop. These may be associated with critical parents or siblings, alcohol or drug related problems in the household, bullying at school or even some type of abuse.

Solving Adolescent Problems with Hypnotherapy

Techniques used by hypnotherapists seek to alter the response of the subconscious, enabling the young sufferer to think a good deal more positively and really feel more in control of their lives. This can help them to cope better with the constant variations in their lives and manage their academic workload better.

Tunbridge Wells based hypnotherapist Karen Martin said: “Between puberty and early adulthood, we typically go through more change than at any other time in our lives. Anxiety is often triggered by change, even if it’s positive, so associated emotional disorders often emerge during these vital developmental years. The best strategy is to deal with them as they emerge otherwise they can have a lifelong detrimental effect on wellbeing and quality of life.

“Hypnotherapy helps teenagers develop self respect and the confidence and resilience necessary to fulfil their potential and become successful, well adjusted adults.”