If you want to dive a bit deeper into some of the issues which can be treated with hypnotherapy, have a look through Karen’s blog articles.  Topical and informative, these articles are packed with tips and strategies for dealing with the typical problems she sees daily in her busy practice.  

Economic Recovery: A Healthy Outlook for a Better Future

By Karen Martin

The media is awash with dire economic predictions which affect us all in different ways during this financial crisis.  What I’m seeing in my clinic …

Wedding Bells or Divorce Hell?

There’s nothing like repeated cancellations of expensive wedding plans to find out whether your future spouse is a keeper or a bride/groomzilla who turns out …

Banish Back to School Blues

Tunbridge Wells based hypnotherapist Karen Martin spends a great deal of her working day helping children, teens and adolescents. So, she’s busy at this time …

Our Top Five Fears

Everyone is afraid of something. It doesn’t matter where you live, the year you were born, your skin colour or creed, our top five fears are a natural component of the human experience. They part of our primeval, genetically determined survival instinct. Without them, our chance of recognising danger and avoiding it or defending ourselves would be considerably reduced. The whole point of those top five fears is to keep us safe.

Overcome Interview Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

The fear of interviews prevents many hopefuls from performing well at job interviews and some will avoid them completely, losing the chance to go for that dream job. There are many hypnotherapeutic strategies that help beat interview anxiety, providing life-changing opportunities for career advancement and job satisfaction.