Why Gastric Band Hypnosis Is So Successful

The Reason Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Solutions Are So Successful

Highly effective gastric band hypnosis has been specifically developed to tackle weight problems making use of exceptional techniques that incorporate cognitive behavioural therapy. This virtual gastric band technique is an excellent substitute for conventional medical treatment that could be especially costly, as well as carrying countless major risks and unwanted side effects, including vomiting, diarrhoea and indigestion subsequent to surgery. Hypnotherapy can be used to change the internal thoughts and establish favourable eating patterns and a healthy relationship with food.

People are now mindful of how being over-weight may affect their health and life span. Sadly, as diets don’t seem to work long term many people believe their only choice is to make use of extreme surgery. For someone who is obese, the health factors that most worry them are heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetic issues and not being able to lead active lives.

Gastric band hypnotherapy offers a safe substitute for combating problem behaviours such as overindulging, which may include portion sizes, healthy eating and exercise. Quite a few people have successfully completed hypnotherapy treatment and are now living much healthier lives minus the fear of disease; additionally they have also managed to make positive changes in other areas of their lives. With weight loss, comes a sense of satisfaction, increased self-belief and self-esteem. These are some of the reasons why gastric band hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular option for so quite a few people.

Gastric band hypnotherapeutic processes are designed for people with a BMI of over 25. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a healthy weight calculator based upon height and weight proportions. Anyone struggling to successfully stick to a healthy way of eating and who is medically overweight could gain from this supportive treatment. This process takes place over several sessions making use of various methods of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and hypnotherapy to encourage a relaxed, trance-like frame of mind which is ideal for change. During the treatment method a virtual gastric band will be fitted whilst the individual is in a hypnotherapeutic state. At a later date the process might be reversed and the virtual gastric band can be removed. At this session it is also important that you are supported in remaining motivated to work out and to continue eating healthy foods in appropriate portions.

Having a gastric band surgically installed can be a costly process involving medical hazards and negative effects. Gastric band hypnosis treatments are a safe and powerful method and is great value when you consider the lasting physical and mental health advantages and support given. Hypnotherapy solutions sessions will first help to establish your actual relationship with food and eating habits, so the remaining sessions can be customised to you. The surgery will be in virtual form only, however, as it is carried out under hypnosis the sub-conscious mind will register that the band has been fitted and change eating patterns as a result. Your appetite will be naturally curtailed leading to major weight loss in a short space of time.

Gastric band hypnotherapy uses methods that Hypnotherapists must have had specific training in and so it is critical to choose one that is well qualified. Karen Martin from Karen Martin Hypnotherapy has a great deal of experience helping clients to benefit from gastric band hypnotherapy. They choose gastric band hypnosis as part of their clinic based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.