How Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works

There has been a substantial surge in the volume of people being clinically diagnosed with obesity and numerous solutions have been considered to help them reduce weight. But many weight loss diet programs fail to deliver lasting results if, for that matter, they work at all. It appears that diets are frequently only followed for a short time and any weight loss achieved is put back again soon afterwards.

Many are taking more drastic measures, like surgery, including having a gastric band put round the stomach. This reduces the dimensions of the stomach in order to create a decreased desire for food. Having said that, gastric band surgical procedures are very pricey and contains quite a few dangers for the individual. In addition there are sometimes unwanted effects such as bowel irregularity, feeling sick and actually being sick.

As an alternative option, it is now thought that gastric band hypnotherapy helps to get the similar results by instilling the belief that stomach capacity is dramatically reduced when, in fact, no physical change has been made. A hypnotic approach works by altering a person’s thoughts. Beneficial suggestions made whilst in hypnosis can have lasting results. Kent hypnotherapist Karen Martin offers this treatment at her busy practice in Tunbridge Wells.

To achieve a life-long positive thoughts and feelings about food and eating behaviour, gastric band hypnotherapy may help to safely and successfully stimulate weight loss and prevent over-consumption. Outstanding results have been produced with case study clients who have had gastric band hypnosis. They’ve eaten reduced servings even though they have never had gastric band surgery.

The process comprises of a brief course of treatments which lead up to virtual gastric band surgery occurring while you are in trance. Virtual scents and also noises will often be used to replicate the hospital setting, before the client is brought back from this trance like state. The intention is for the individual to perceive on a subconscious level that they’ve actually had a physical surgical procedure and consequently believe that only sensible portions of food can be eaten. Karen said: “Gastric band hypnotherapy is cost-effective and risk free compared to the high price of surgery and the potential for complications.”

In one study, the subject shed over 3 kilos in just 10 days and continued slimming down as the months went by. On achieving the desired weight, it is possible to return for hypnotherapy to have the band modified or sometimes taken away.

The hypnotherapist might help the person to change their patterns going forward to maintain their new eating behaviour. Gastric band hypnosis is therefore an ideal replacement for an unpleasant surgical treatment, without any of the risks and issues that can often happen.

Gastric band hypnosis is a sophisticated and difficult technique for some hypnotherapists. If you are looking for a skilled and highly trained hypnotherapist, Karen Martin from Karen Martin Hypnotherapy specialises in gastric band hypnosis. She implements gastric band hypnotherapy at her busy practice in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.