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Control Childhood Phobias Before They Control your Child

By Karen Martin

If a childhood phobia is left untreated, it can soon become an uncomfortable habit that causes feelings of terror and panic whenever exposed to the stimuli. It can then have an effect on a child’s well-being and social development and restrict many of aspects of their life. Many phobias are rooted in childhood and can range from the surprisingly common fears of the seemingly harmless, like buttons, balloons and clowns or the more serious fear of going to school.

Helping Kent School Children Beat Panic or anxiety

Anxiety is a form of stress that can have physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Negative expectancy of future events may cause big problems in youngsters and the way these negative thinking styles are set up can vary hugely. Feelings of lack of control are common in sufferers of tension and anxiety so children, with their limited independence, can be very vulnerable.

Hypnotherapy Helps Stop Panic Attacks

When first experienced, panic attacks tend be very scary as they share some of the symptoms of life-threatening conditions, including chest pains and shortness of breath. Sufferers are frequent visitors to accident and emergency departments thinking they are having a heart attack. Luckily, hypnotherapy helps stop panic attacks and anxiety with a range of rapid and effective strategies.